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Bed Bug Inspection, Treatment, Control 

Bed Bugs are starting to become a household name. Indianapolis has been named the 12th worst city in the US for bed bugs. Bed Bugs can easily be transferred from place to place on your clothing or belongings. Bed Bugs are usually associated with mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. They also can be found throughout the house.

At Irish Brothers, we are one of a very few licensed fumigation specialists able to eliminate them from your house. With the fumigate Vikane we can 100% guarantee that when we hand back your keys your home is Bed Bug free. This process is not only the best route to getting rid of your bed bugs it also is the easiest to prepare for. With almost no prep work you walk back into your pest free home and have no unpacking or cleaning of residual chemical products.

The Bed Bug fumigation process is shown in this whiteboard video. The only difference between our process and the process in the video is we are not be tenting your home. We tape and seal from the inside.

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If you are looking for a Bed Bug Inspection or Bed Bug Treatment, consider Irish Brothers Pest Control!

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